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Our Story

A Passion for Pizza

It was on a night of celebration with friends, enjoying campfire pizza, that the concept of The Pizza Cabina was born. The aim was to recreate the smoky, fresh and exciting flavours of the Napoli style pizza that we were all enjoying, using an authentic wood fired oven.

The Pizza

Be in no doubt, Jono makes great pizza.  Trained in Margaret River Bakery in Western Australia, he has entertained friends and family for years with his mouth-watering pizza and ‘to die for’ bread. And now he wants to share that passion with you. 

We have converted two large shipping containers; one functions as a pizza kitchen, which houses the brick oven and the other has cafe style seating and tables. 

So, take away or take next door - the choice is entirely yours.

The Cabina Family

The Pizza Cabina family includes Kerry - our Financial Director, Steve - our Builder, Designer, Fabricator and Site Manager, Rhian - our Brand and Design Manager and Jono our Pizziola, in other words, the chap that makes all the scrumptious pizza magic happen. 

We're all good friends and have set out to do this as a fun project, following our passion for baking, entertaining and eating great pizza. 

We are all about good times, good food and good company.

And if, in doing so, we get to share what we would argue is the best tasting pizza in Cornwall with you, well that can’t be a bad thing now, can it? 

Kerry, Financial Director (left) and Rhian, Brand and Design Manager.

Steve (right) and Jono building the planters, hoping to get fresh herbs in soon.

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